Architectural Services


Whilst there are no resident architects on Norfolk Island, there is a local who can provide architectural drafting services.

Alternatively, if you require a full-service architect to design your Norfolk Island dream home, retail, commercial or hospitality space, NIRE can highly recommend an architect who is related to an island resident and understands the challenges of building - unique to the island.

Ryan Bate Architects (RBA) is capable and qualified to undertake a wide range of projects of varying complexities and typologies, including single and multi-residential, as well as commercial, retail and large-scale projects. RBA also undertake smaller projects such as kitchen & bathroom renovations as well as interior fit-outs.

In the past there have been requests for architects on Norfolk Island. Until now there hasn't been anyone providing these services. RBA are happy to work with people on the island to complete their projects. To read Ryan's biography and see examples of additional RBA architectural work and completed projects, a portfolio is available on request.

Please contact the Norfolk Island Real Estate office for further information contact details of island-friendly architectural services.

3D Visualisation Credit: Ryan Bate Architects

3D Visualisation Credit: Ryan Bate Architects