Local Builders

 Local expertise

Hiring a local builder who has years of experience and expert knowledge of Norfolk Island will make the homebuilding process a lot better. From climate and weather conditions to the local economy and communities, local builders know how to build houses that are safe and can stand strong against the elements and work with other local vendors that may be needed on your project. Another benefit of hiring a local builder is their extensive knowledge of local regulations and building codes, which will ensure your project stays on track.


Like any other small business, a local builder values their presence and standing in the community. When you build a home with a local builder you can have peace of mind knowing someone will always be close by throughout every phase of the homebuilding process. If you have questions or concerns, your builder will be just a text, phone call or short drive away.


You’ll work very closely with your builder as you decide on the layout and initial designs of your home. One benefit of hiring a local builder is easy accessibility to them and their work. Almost all local builders have previous work you can look through to aid you through your design and decision-making process. A local builder will show you their capabilities and help you build a house that’s truly customized to your exact vision.

Better customer experience

Local builders truly value their clients and understand that the homebuilding process can be daunting. A relationship with a solid foundation ensures that the process will be smooth from start to finish because both the client and the builder work closely together throughout every phase.

Money stays in your community

Local builders have the unique ability to keep money flowing in the Norfolk Island community. More often than not, local builders invest, hire and spend on island and since they are residents, they have an interest in the long-term success and health of the Norfolk Island community. Local builders are likely to outsource any work they cannot complete to other local businesses, which helps the local economy thrive.

Local Building Contractors

George Parsons    +6723 50566  GPServices@ninet.nf

Hunky Evans          +6723 52380  hunkyevans@gmail.com

Jay Sanders            +6723 54668   js_construction@outlook.com.au

Jeremy Watson     +6723 50869   jeremy@ninet.nf

Mal Tarrant             +6723 50465  tarrantmal@gmail.com

Michael Bruce       +6723 51734   micktracey1@gmail.com

Reuben Bigg          +6723 52910  bigg.constructions@gmail.com

Trevor Gow            +6723 50419   trevorgowbuilding@gmail.com