Local Building Materials

One of the frequently asked questions about building on Norfolk Island is "Are building materials available on island?". The answer is yes! Two local hardware suppliers and the local mill provide a great service to the community, supplying everything you need to build, renovate or maintain a house. Whilst they don't have a range as expansive as a hardware supplier on mainland Australia, they do a wonderful job to supply a sufficient range throughout the year. And if they don't have what you want in stock, they will usually be able to order it in for you. With the shipping company only servicing the island at most once a month, sometimes you will have to wait awhile for orders to arrive, so forward planning for large building projects is essential.

Good quality hardware products and their value cannot be underpinned because they are, in essence, an excellent long-term investment. Apart from their aesthetic value, they can go a long way in helping you keep a properly functioning, well-balanced, and well-maintained property. By supporting the local suppliers, you are supporting the local community and family businesses.

Local Hardware Suppliers

Norfolk Island Building Supplies   +6723 22065 accounts@nibs.nlk.nf

Christian Bailey Agencies trading as The Building Centre   +6723 23729 accounts@christianbailey.nlk.nf    www.christianbailey.com.au

 Local Mill

Timber On The Move   +6723 50869 jeremy@ninet.nf