Lockwood Homes

Norfolk Island Real Estate is thrilled to have partnered with Lockwood Homes New Zealand.

A Lockwood Home is a high-value, cost-effective way to enjoy a brand-new home. There are many standard plans available, and all may be customised to suit your requirements.

The house designed to your specifications is shipped from New Zealand to Norfolk Island in modules as a complete home. Lockwood handles freight all the way to the Norfolk Pier. After delivery to the island, Lockwood then oversees the construction using both local trades and a specialised team from New Zealand.

For nearly seven decades Lockwood Homes has taken pride in constructing high performance homes of outstanding quality. With no GIB required, Lockwood homes use a unique and exclusive system, locking solid laminated timber planks and patented aluminium profiles together to create a strong, versatile structure.

Lockwood’s unique and intricately engineered system ‘locks’ together timber components to create beautiful homes strong enough to withstand earthquakes and tropical cyclones, yet flexible enough to handle wide extremes in temperature.

For more information about Lockwood Homes or approximate pricing - contact the team at Norfolk Island Real Estate or visit the Lockwood Homes website.

Lifestyler - 131m2



Peka Peka Retreat - 152m2



Wanaka Pavilion - 160m2



Tobago - 254m2



Webster - 302.4m2