Thank you so much for all your expert help in the process of buying my first home! I am so grateful for the effort , support and communication...I'm so excited for this home owner journey to begin and keen to see how big a difference I can make to the house! - Max, First Home Buyer

Norfolk Island Real Estate - Angie & Crystal - were the driving force in the sale of our rural property on Norfolk Island. The team know their trade and worked with us to help make the sale happen, then steered us through every step we needed to follow. They showed us kindness and took great care in making the sale run smoothly. N.I.R.E. went far beyond being our Real Estate Agents and became our trusted allies. There is no agency on Norfolk Island as dedicated as they are. I would trust them with my bank details! - Tina & John Anderson, Vendors. 

We looked at properties on the island for some time before we eventually purchased. Throughout the search, either when we were visiting the island or when we were back in Brisbane,  Norfolk Island Real Estate made life really easy by keeping us informed of any changes to the market. We valued their honesty, professionalism and all the help they gave us along the way. The team even met us at the airport on the day we finally arrived for good, helping us with our luggage and making sure we were settled in! That’s service! - Susan & Brian - Purchasers

Following extensive communications via email and telephone, we made trips to Norfolk Island to inspect a number of properties. Both partners, Crystal and Angie assisted us in every facet of our quest to find a home. Angie's understanding of our fluid situation was heartfelt and her ethical standards and business acumen are exemplary, even during at times, tense and tricky negotiations. Angie is not afraid of calling a spade a spade, pointing out both pros and cons of a potential purchase and displaying all the while a refreshing honesty that is not universally practiced in the industry.  - Martin & Heather - Purchasers